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Flag For Liverpool (FFL) was founded in January 2015 to campaign for a better flag for the city of Liverpool. For more information, please see our mission statement.

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  1. Communities Vexillologist

    Dear Flag for Liverpool,

    My name is Philip Tibbetts and I am the Communities Vexillologist of the Flag Institute and Advisor to the Parliamentary Flags & Heraldry Committee. In my role with the Flag Institute I have supported a number of communities in adding a flag to the registry (http://www.flaginstitute.org/wp/flag-registry/?flagtype=City+Flag).

    I was very pleased to see your website and applaud your goals (including of course registration with the Flag Institute). A competition for a registered Liverpool flag would be a great idea and I would be very happy to help support you. I have helped run a number of competitions around the country (including the recent Northamptonshire competition, the hugely successful Black Country competition and the forthcoming Birmingham competition (perhaps a good one to point to when convincing Liverpool city council)). As part of this I can help advise on how to set-up and run a competition as well as provide template competition packs, entry forms etc if required.

    If you haven’t seen already you may find it useful to read the Flag Institute’s guide to registering community flags, which has much procedural advice on how a competition can be run (http://www.flaginstitute.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Creating_Local_and_Community_Flags.pdf). Plus you also find the recent joint Flag Institute and North American Vexillological Association graphical design guidelines (http://www.nava.org/sites/default/files/files/RPT-JtCommn-US-Final.pdf).

    All the best and hope to hear from you soon

    Philip Tibbetts
    Communities Vexillologist, Flag Institute
    Advisor, Parliamentary Flags & Heraldry Committee

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