Submit a design

Think you can design a new flag for Liverpool? If you can, you can send it to us! You just need to follow our requirements and recommendations.


Our only requirement is that your design is a 3:5 rectangle. Nothing like the flag of Nepal please! A 1000 x 600px PNG would be ideal.


The Flag Institute have produced a guide for good flag design. In summary:

  • Keep it simple! Stick to 2-4 main colours
  • Don’t add any complicated logos, pictures or symbols
  • Don’t add any writing
  • Make it original. Don’t take an existing flag and add something to it!
  • Remember that a flag is more than a design, it is an object that will have to fly in the wind. How will it look when it fades and frays?

Submitting a design

When you are ready, send your image file (ideally a PNG) to If your design meets our panel’s approval, we will feature it on the site! We may ask you to make a change or two before we accept it. We want your flag to be as good as it can be, so don’t be afraid to ask us for advice!

Good luck, and happy flag designing!

The panel at will have the final say on which designs are featured on the site and entered into any of our competitions.

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